7th Grade A & B Teams

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A Team

Emma Hill
Trinity Noll
Anna Iske
Lauren Bellotte
Mallory McKinney
Lexi Palmer
Audrey Jones
Makenzie Rankin
Emma Nix

B Team

Bree Abel
Chloe Bates
Kiah Coomes
Mackenzie Goode
Sasha Graves
Zoe Hightower
Gracye Horn
Kenzie Jester
Lucy Phan
Kahlen Reed
Emma Teague
Madisen Trahan

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Hello Parents and Athletes,

My name is Coach Bohn and I am very excited to be the 7th grade coach this year. I think we are going to have a great year. The girls will be playing volleyball this fall, basketball from about November – January, and track from February – end of year. Ibelieve every athlete needs to TRY every sport because you never know what you might end up liking. If for some reason an athlete does not want to continue playing the current sport, they will have the option of just showing up for the athletic period and going through an offseason program. This will be a lot of running and fitness and if this is something that you don’t think you can handle, then the question would be raised if athletics is right for you or your child. Furthermore, IF your child ends up quitting every sport, athletics is probably not the right spot for them.

7th Grade Athletic Basics:
Volleyball and Basketball practices will begin at 7:00 in the morning (or later if the calendar says). This means they will need to be ready to practice at 7:00, not arriving, dressing out, putting up hair, using the bathroom, etc.Track practice will begin after school but that will be addressed in February when it starts.

I will arrive at the gym no earlier than 6:45 every morning (or 15 minutes before start time). Please don’t plan on being here earlier as the kids will be left unattended.

Practice will be held EVERY morning at the time that is assigned to the day on the calendar. I have the right to change practice on short notice if an emergency comes up which you would then be notified via REMIND (Please see instructions to join below) or through your child.

I will give the students 8-10 minutes to get dressed for 2nd period. This is plenty of time to get presentable and is non-negotiable. Tardies to second period WILL NOT be tolerated. If this is a problem, athletics may not be right for you or your child.

Please be aware that parent notes excusing your child from workouts will only be honored ONE day. If they require sitting out longer than that, I will need a Dr’s note to excuse them. Also, while I understand there are injuries that can keep kids from working out, please encourage your child to “keep trying” to work out because that is something we will ask of them throughout their athletic career. If parent notes become extremely frequent I will email or call you to see what is going on.

Parents NEED to be subscribed to my blog because that is where I will announce teams for the week’s game.

First Day of School, Volleyball:
On the first day please bring tennis shoes, knee pads,
ankle braces, etc. I will give the girls workout shirt and shorts.
Please bring a lock for the gym locker.
Paperwork will be handed out for the athlete and should be turned in asap. We MUST have a physical on file before they can practice. Therefore, you MUST have a physical completed BEFORE the first day of school.
We have our first game the first week of school so I will assign 10-12 per team (A and B team). The teams are subject to change each game, no one has a secured spot.
Playing time will NOT be negotiable between player and coach, or between coach and parent. If the girls have a question about their playing time they need to come talk to me about what they can do to improve, not the parents.
I will do my best to get everyone in at least one game BUT that may not happen.
Basketball has different parameters but I will address those in October/November
If you have a concern I would be more than happy to set up a meeting with you and the rest of the volleyball coaching staff to address the matter. (Coaches will not meet individually with parents)

If there are any other questions please feel free to email me.

****Please subscribe to my athletics blogs for all the latest updates: http://womsladynecks.wonecks.net/

Coach Bohn
[email protected]
903-291-2013 (School)


Remind 101

With the amount of girls and parents that are involved in 7th grade athletics, I ask that the girls, parents, guardians, etc. sign up for a texting service that allows me to directly text the whole group without actually having a group message. You will not be able to message me back but there is a feature that allows you to start a chat with me and you also have access to my email (that I check frequently throughout the day).

How to sign up: On you cell phone, text @ladyneck17 to the number 81010

7th grade track

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Here is some more information on track practice:
– Everyone will work out at the track in the mornings at 7:45
– After school track practice will begin at 3:35/3:40 and will last until 5:00
– There are 17 different events in track so there is something you can do!!! Find an event you like!!!!
– I will be with the girls in the morning during 1st and then Coach Bohn or Coach Morton will be with them in the afternoon.

Email me if you have any questions!

Game Vs. Elysian Fields

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Thursday, Jan. 26

We will play Elysian Fields in our last home game of the year on Thursday. Please make sure the girls can stay through ALL games. These are the following game times:

4:15: White Oak scrimmage between 8th grade and 7th grade B teams
5:00: 7th A
6:00 (or 10 minutes after 7th): 8th A