This week

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Just a reminder that I won’t be here Monday and Tuesday! You

7th grade girls, you will dress out go to the track with coach burks and coach thorn

8th grade you will dress out and go with coach thorn

Have fun!!

Tomorrow and Friday

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7th grade we will meet at 7:45 in the gym we won’t dress out Thursday or Friday!

8th grade- you will go to the stadium for athletics. I have to get ready to work the meet. You can go to the locker room and Change if you need too.
If you are working the track meet make sure you are where you are suppose to be by 3:20 – come check in with me. I’ll be at the long jump

We need help with hurdle setting!


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If you have a group picture will you email it to me? Or if we took a picture, send it to me! 🙂

Also we will have track pictures Tuesday

7th grade 7:00 am
8th grade 2:45

This is for everyone who has been to a track meet

We will turn in sweats and uniforms Wednesday of next week!
Sweats- $20 a piece


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Words cannot express how excited and pumped up right now!

Both grade levels killed it and I couldn’t be more proud!

7th grade- district champs
8th grade- back to back district champs!!

All that hard work everyone of you gave throughout the season showed tonight! Love you girls

8th grade- we will meet in my classroom tomorrow
7th- meet in locker room at 7:45

No more after school practices!!

Come watch the hs meet on Thursday!!


Race day check list

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* make sure you have a uniform. If you don’t come see me first thing in the morning!

* spikes, tennis shoes, socks

* track t shirt and black shorts


* sweats

* sunscreen , bug spray

* water, Gatorade, protein snacks- try to stay away from concessions stand snacks until after you are done. Snickers are good protein

* umbrella for shade

* great attitude

Let’s kill it tomorrow girls! DISTRICT MEET!


Happy Easter!!

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Few things

Make sure you are eating well this weekend and staying hydrated! It’s going to be hot Tuesday, so make sure you drinking plenty of water. Carbo load up between now and Tuesday!
Be taken care of all your pains. Ice baths are a great idea!!

If you are not competing in this meet please BRING ME YOUR UNIFORM MONDAY!!!!! Especially 8th grade, I am low on shorts! I appreciate you doing this as early as possible!

8th graders decided they wanted to come early again tomorrow! So we will meet at the track at 6:45 AM

7th grade we will have athletics normally this week!

I hope Yall have a wonderful Easter! 🙂

See you tomorrow

7th Grade

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Hey Ladies,

Lets meet before athletics tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:30 in the locker room, and I will give you the medals from the West Rusk meet. I was waiting for them to send me 4,5,6 place medals, but they still haven’t. I will get those to you as soon as I get them!

Practice after school today and Thursday!

8th Grade – FRIDAY

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We are going to have an Bright and Early Practice on FRIDAY!

This will be our last practice of the season, and since it is a half day we wont be able to workout after school.

So we will start practice at 6:45 AM Friday Morning, and go till about 7:20 AM- This is will give you time to cool off before class or make it to tutoring!

This is for 8th Grade girls who are going to the district track meet Only!(you will know by thursday) See yall then

The boys district meet is Monday, ours is Tuesday in White Oak