Clothes reminder

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Just a reminder that you will wear your school issued athletic clothes to the track meet tomorrow. You can wear plain black shorts instead of the school shorts if you want. No non school accent colors.

Don’t show up with just your uniform!



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What we will wear: The girls will wear their issued athletic clothes- not their track uniform!

You can wear the school issued shorts or plain black shorts. (No Spandex) The shorts can have white, grey, or maroon on them. But please no pinks, greens, etc!

Make sure you bring your sweats!

Bring water, sunscreen, money for concession stand, healthy snacks, etc

You can leave when you are finished with your events, just make sure you sign out. I will have a sign out sheet, and so will coach Morton!

*Take care of your business, and know where you are suppose to be!*


7th grade

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7th grade girls- no athletics Monday and Tuesday because of staar testing. But you DO STILL HAVE AFTER SCHOOL PRACTICE!!
Come by my classroom before school starts to get your event sheet for the meet!

Good luck on your test!!

Last week before District!!

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Hey ladies,

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and got some rest! This is our last week to prepare for district, so make sure you are here and ready to work!!

Take care of any pains- ice baths are a great idea!

We will have practice after school tomorrow.
Tuesday is our practice meet in UG- the girls should know if they are going or not.
This meet will start with all field events and the 2400 at 4:00
This meet is very informal, no medals, no places, just a glorified practice with competition!
The girls can leave when they are done with their events, just make sure they sign out before they leave!!

We will practice after the school Wednesday and Thursday as well!

This week

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We will work out today, Wednesday, and Thursday after school this week!

We are planning a practice meet in Union grove on Tuesday the 31st. We will try and do everything except the 2400. We will go after school. So it will start around 4:15 (still tba) Details are still being worked out. I will take as many girls as I can fit on the bus. Which means I can’t take everyone, I’ll do my best!

If there is an event you want to try out for the district meet and you were not at the last meet or you want to try a different event let me know ASAP! I will do my best to get you in the event you want, no promises.

I need 7th grade hurdlers, high jumpers, and pole vaulters!

8th grade – I need a long jumper

District is Tuesday April 7th! I don’t think I can have a “b” group this meet, but I’ll talk to coach burks and let you know for sure!

Ladies: The hs meet Tommy Atkins meet is Thursday the 9th- I need volunteers for this meet. Talk to me or coach burks

Oh my, great job ladies!!

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Tonight was a tough meet and we made some improvements!!!

I couldn’t be more ecstatic about the 8th grade girls walking away with the championship!! I was just about in tears! Love you girls!!

7th grade was so close in 2nd!! You girls killed it today and broke some big records!! Love Yall too

We WILL Practice after school tomorrow, so we can have Friday off! ๐Ÿ™‚

Way to represent!! You



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8th/7th grade – remember if you are not going to the meet tomorrow to please bring me your uniform! I will be in my classroom until 7:20 then I go to 7th grade athletics. If I am not there when you get to school please bring it after 2nd period. Don’t wait until athletics- I won’t be there.

Off-season and remaining track girls, you will go with the hs. I will write on the board where you need to go!

Meet info

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Big meet tomorrow, hope you got some rest this weekend! Don’t forget to carb up tonight; breads, pasta, Etc. Drink plenty of water and Gatorade. Stay away from carbonated/caffeinated drinks.

You will get out of class at 2:10 tomorrow. The bus leaves at 2:20. That means hurry!! Have everything ready before.
I will not be on the bus, coach Morton will driving you. I will meet you at west rusk. You should everything you need already.

Make sure you have shorts and a white oak shirt to wear while warming up. Please have both sweat top and bottom- when the sun starts to go down you will be required to wear those. I picked up two shirts and some 7th grade sweats from the last meet. Take care of your things!! Coach Morton will check to see if you have your sweats before you leave for the meet.

Remember do not take chrome books with you to track meet.

You can leave after you are done, make sure you see me or coach Morton before you leave and you sign out with katlyn barham or Kylie pepper.

**bring water!! Healthy snacks!!! Stay away from burgers, fries, surgery snacks before your event.

See Yall tomorrow, let’s take care of business! Go lady necks!!