Track T-Shirt

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8th Grade will get this today, 7th grade tomorrow. If you are at GT Come by Coach Kleins room to pick one up in the morning. THIS IS DUE ON MONDAY- NO LATE ORDERS.

Track T-Shirt Order Form
Order Form Due Monday Feb. 2nd

Shirt Description:
Black, Short Sleeve Shirt
Order of events upside down on the front
“WOMS Lady Neck Track 2015
Slow Down For What?!” On the back

Price:  $8-12  Depends on how many we order. I will let you know price ASAP. Don’t send cash or check yet.

Sizes:             How Many

Youth Large-  ____________

Adult Small-  _____________

Adult Medium- ____________

Adult Large-   _____________

Adult XL     –   _____________

Adult 2XL  –   ______________  (Usually $2 more)

Name of Athlete: ____________________________

Parent Signature:____________________________

Total Amount Due: ____________________Paid:___________________

Basketball Info

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Pictures will be NEXT Tuesday at the same times are originally posted.

8th grade will not Practice tomorrow due to the half day.

If you are sick and not able to attend school please get in contact with your coach so we can adjust teams accordingly.

7th grade:  [email protected]     8th grade : [email protected]

Sabine does have a B team so we will be taking both groups

We will leave the school at 4:00 Thursday

7th Grade B team plays at 5:00 followed by 8th B. Then 7th A and 8th A


Track t-shirts (7th and 8th grade)

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hey there! I have my idea for the track shirt and I want to go ahead and get it taken care of so that we have them before our first meet. It will basically be the same thing as last year. Except we can do a bright pink this year!
The order of events will be upside down on the front so you can look down and see what’s next. (Lifesaver)
On the back it will say “woms LadyNecks track and field 2015”

And I will need your help on this part. We need a quote for the back of the shirt. Last year it said
“I have a “run” track mind.” This year we can use the same thing or make it different.

Here are some options

1. “Be fast or be be last”
2. Don’t dream of winning, train for it.”
3. “Slow down for what?”
4. “Run with your heart, not your legs.”
5. “And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.” Hebrews 12:1

Let me know by the end of the week which quote you like! I use the one with the most votes! Ill get prices to you ASAP.

You can use the shirt from last year if you do not want to get this one again since it is similar.

Coach Klein

Missing binder

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hey friends! Abby is missing he binder. It was in the bleachers where we all sit during the game and it was not there after game. I’m sure somebody grabbed it on accident! If you have it or know who might have picked it up please return it abby or me! Thank you so much!


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If your daughter is playing on the “B” team this week, please be looking for a game day pass. This will get you into the gym free of charge. The scrimmage will start at 4:30. Each athlete will get two passes. If you do not plan on coming to the scrimmage- please make sure the pass gets back to Coach Klein. Present the pass to Mr. Hinkle, or whoever is working the door. I am handing out the passes today!!

7th and 8th grade B teams will need to back at the school dressed and ready at 4:00

7th and 8th grade A teams will need to be back dressed and ready at 4:30


Tournament This weekend

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The 7th and 8th grade A teams will be traveling to Sabine tomorrow to play in the district tournament. Both teams play at 9:00. 8th grade in the HS gym and 7th grade in the MS gym. They are both in the same building, your daughter should have brought home a bracket yesterday. Make sure uniforms are brought back on Saturday.

A few of the moms are getting Chic-Fil-a for the girls for lunch. Please bring money for anything else you would want. After the last game, the girls can ride home with a parent but no one else.

**Get to the school around 7:30, we will leave by 7:45

Bring Warm clothes

Coach Morton will be coaching the 7th grade.