Open Gym

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The first open gym date is December 29 from 10-12.  This is open to all junior high girls who want to practice.  Please use this time to get some basketball skill work in over the break.  DO NOT COME IF YOU ARE JUST GOING TO GOOF OFF!  This is a time to practice, NOT socialize!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas snd a great break but I hope to see many of you there getting better!

Christmas Workouts

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Christmas Break Workout!

**Do this when you can, anything you do will benefit you greatly!
Pick what you want to do in the conditioning section and basketball.
Don’t do all of this is one day!
On Tuesday I will do sprints(100 m), lay ups, and shooting.
Wednesday- 5 minute runs, push ups while watching Tv, and Free Throws


Sprints (If you can go to track even better!)
10; 100m Sprints (1 block)
5; 200m sprints (2 blocks)
3; 400m Sprints (4 blocks)

TWO ten minute runs. (normal easy pace) 5 minute break in-between
THREE five minute runs. Jog and add 8 ten second sprints into each run.  3 minute break in between them
4 Three Minute runs, with 4 15 second sprints in each! 4 minute Break in between

While watching your favorite show on TV, each time a Commercial comes on do 25 Push ups. ( you can also add different ab activities)
Do squats while brushing your teeth in the morning and night


** Make 20 Free Throws
**Create your own “hot Shot” game, and try and beat your score
** Set up obstacles in your drive way, and dribble around them. ( or play with your dog, It’s surprisingly helpful) 🙂
** LAY UPS.  Go until you can make 10 in a row!
** Go through ball handling drills has often as possible
** Find a parent, sibling, friend, brick wall, and practice passing!!

Write down and draw out the plays!

I think it would be a great idea if you wanted to keep a workout log and show me what you did over the break! If you have any questions please Email me.
[email protected]

Have a Wonderful Christmas Break! I will keep you posted on open gym times!!

7th Grade Agenda for Week of Dec 15-19

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This week is going to be a little different than normal because of the exam schedule and half days.

Monday:  Morning practice at 7:00.  We will travel to Waskom tomorrow night for a basketball game.  There will be a B team with a running clock of 20 minutes.  The teams are as follows:  A Team:  Taryn, Korbyn, Katie, Katlyn B., Ali, Stephanie, KJ, Riley    B Team:  Hannah, Kaydyn, Maraina, CJ, Megan, Taylor, Mia, and Kayli

We will leave school at 3:00 and You MUST ride the bus home.  We will stop somewhere quick on the ride home so please bring money as I am sure most of you will be hungry.  The teams will play in the following order:  7b, 8b, 7a, 8a

Tuesday:  Morning practice at 7:45

Wednesday:  Morning practice at 7:45

Thursday:  No practice:  be in first period athletics by the tardy bell

Friday:  No practice:  be in first period athletics by the tardy bell

8th grade teams for Monday

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Monday we Travel to Waskom for our last game of 2014!  They do have a B team, so the 8th grade B team will play around 5:30. They will play for 20 minutes running clock.

B Team will be

Farrah, Destiny, Jesse, Casey, Justice, Taylor, Harley, Lexi, Addie, Kyndle ,

A Team

Asia, Chase, Breanna, Sierra, Erin, Olivia, Abby, Allison, Lisa, Maceala, Haley

Karli   will be the manager.

Remember that everyone must ride the bus home. Waskom does not usually have a great concession stand, so we will stop somewhere on the way home to grab something to eat (very quickly) . So please send a few dollars with your athlete!

8th grade- Monday’s game

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We play Sabine at home tomorrow. They will have B teams. The 7th grade B team will start at 5:00, followed by 8b, then 7A, and lastly 8A. Our A team should start playing around 7

Make sure you bring back your uniform if you played this weekend!

The A team will be
Asia H, Chase Q, Abby, H, Lisa P, Erin B, Olivia S, Breanna B, Sierra S, Maceala A, Haley S

Playing on the B team this week will be,
Justice d, Allison p, Farrah r, destiny M, Jessica H, casey B, Addie M, Taylor b, lexi H, Harley D
Karli will be the manager

8th grade tourney info

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Here is the tournament Information for Saturday! We play at 9:00 in the HS gym, you need to be there dressed and ready at 8:15 . If we win we play at 3:00, you can leave for lunch but you must be back by 1:00. You are of course welcome to stay and watch.
If we lose we play at 1:00, you will not be allowed to leave if we play at this time. Parents are of course can bring you food.
Please make sure you wear your bball shirt and bring sweats to wear in between games .
After our last game you are welcome to leave or stay and watch.

The following girls will be on the team for the tournament

Asia, chase, abby, Sierra, Erin, Olivia, bre, Haley, Allison, macaela, Lisa, Justice

Let me know if you have any questions

7th Grade Tournament Info

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This weekend is the Lions Club Basketball tournament that White Oak hosts.  7th grade girls will have one team that plays in the tournament and will play two games.  The following girls will be on the team for the tournament:  Taryn, Korbyn, Stormy, Katlyn, Tifanie, Katelyn J, Riley, Kayli N., Ali, and Stephanie

We will play at 9:00 in the morning.  I want the girls there dressed and ready to warm up at 8:30.  If we win this game we will play at 3:00 in the afternoon.  If we lose the 9:00 game, we will play at 1:00

The girls are required to stay at the gym in between games but can leave with a parent/guardian after their LAST game.  Parents will help provide food for the girls in between games (you should be contacted soon with more information on this).

I look forward to winning some more games!!!