Holiday Workout! 8th Grade

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Here is the workout for the break!! Hope you have a good one!! 🙂 See you Sunday at Open Gym!

Thanksgiving Workout

Try to at least workout two days over the break, we have a game the Monday we get back! We will have open gym Sunday the 30th from 2-4.


Day 1:

3 Minute run X 4  — Add some sprints into that run every so often

50 push ups

50 lunges

50 mason Twist

Day 2:

10 -100 meter sprints (or 3-4 house lengths)

50 squats

20 body Builders

Basketball Skills

Can do with or without goal/ball (just improvise)

Do along with conditioning:

twenty Right handed lay ups (made) Twenty Left (made)

Go through all of ball handling ( wraps, dribbles, figure 8, crazy 8s, shuffle, drops)

Make 10 free throws

shoot around for about 10-15 minutes

50 chest passes, 20 bounce passes

-speed dribbles (if you have the space)


8th Grade Practice this week

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Another Crazy week with Volleyball in the playoffs! I hope you are able to go support the girls- They play Thursday at 3:00 in Garland!

Tuesday and Wednesday- 4:00

Thursday- No Practice, this includes off-season ( We will most likely meet in my classroom- Might be a sub)

Friday- 3:30 I will not be here today- You will be with Coach H-B and Coach Simmons


7th grade Teams: November 17

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I just found out there will be no B team game this Monday.  There will still be practice at 7:00 tomorrow morning.  We will leave at 3:15 tomorrow afternoon.  Tuesday’s practice will begin at 7:45.

A Team: Katelyn J., Taryn B., Stormy R., Riley E., Stephanie B., Korbyn H., Katlyn B., Tifanie B., Ali R., Katie W.

Basketball This week- 8th grade

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Game today!  I need t-shirt order forms today!!!

B teams will scrimmage at 4:30 for 25 minutes

7th A starts at 5:00, 8th A will follow

This weeks practice schedule is a little crazy with all the playoff games, but we will be sure let you know when exactly they will be as the week progresses. We will be able to go to the playoff games!

Tuesday- 4:30 NMS gym- If you are going to the playoff game you can leave at 3:30

** If you plan to go to the game, I need to know in advance! **

Wednesday- HS gym 5:00

Thursday- 3:30

Friday- 4:30

Offseason- I will post on the board where you go each day- I will try to get you sweats this week! but bring a jacket or tights to workout in until then! 🙂

7th grade teams for Monday Nov 10

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Tomorrow will be our first basketball game.  B team will not be playing Elysian Fields but will scrimmage the 8th grade at 4:30.  Practice will still begin at 7:00 tomorrow morning and both teams will need to be ready to go at 4:10 tomorrow afternoon.

The following girls will be on A team tomorrow:  Taryn B, Stormy R, Riley E, Stephanie B, Katelyn J, Korbyn H, Tifanie B, Katlyn B, Ali R, and Kaydyn S.

The rest of the girls in basketball will play B team tomorrow.

8th Grade A Team this week

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Girls playing on the A team this week are:

Lisa P, Asia H, Olivia S, Erin B, Allison P, Breanna B, Farrah R, Haley S, Macaela, Chase Q, Destiny M, Abby H, Sierra

Justice will be the manager

Everyone else will be playing at 4:30 in scrimmage with 7th graders!

B team will practice Monday until 3:30- Must be back at the gym dressed and ready at 4:10

A team will practice until 3:45- Must be back at the gym dressed and ready at 4:30

T-shirt order forms are due on Monday!!