8th Grade teams for Thursday/ practice schedule

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Hey guys, here are the teams for Thursday. Like I told the girls, nobody’s spot is safe. If you did not make a team this week, it does not mean you wont the next week. If you made a team this week, it does not mean you automatically will next week. I based the teams off of skills, practice efforts, and who had a good understanding of position from this weekend. I will do my best to get everyone in at least one game this season, but basic volleyball skills and knowledge of the sport are a must. If they girls have a question about what team they made or did not make, I expect to hear from them not the parent.

B Team:

Casey B, Leigha V, Sierra S, Linley H, Lexi H, Lauren H, Madison F, Madison R, Savannah M, Farrah R, Allison P, Emily M.

A Team:

Destiny M, Lisa P, Emma W, Savannah W, Madison G, Taylor S, Reagan S, Ashlee  W, Asia H, Genesis C, Anna D

We do not have school Monday, so no practice. I suggest calling up some friends and finding a volleyball court and playing. Tuesday and Wednesday only the A and B teams will practice after school until 5:00. Thursday we have the game, Friday everyone will practice till 5:00. We have a game Next Monday, so I will let you know who will play then on Friday.

Please try and come watch the Shirley Atkins tournament on Saturday, I will keep you posted on game times. The games should be done by 2:30 on Friday, so it should not interfere with our practice.


7th Grade Volleyball Scrimmage Groups

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I have split the girls into two groups for saturday.  This is in no way the “A” and “B” team.  This is just the groups I want to see play together.

Group 1:  Play at 8:35 and 11:30

Katlyn Barham, Tifanie Barham, Brinn Marsh, Mary McGrew, Rebekah Morton, Natalie Reed, Stormy Riley, Katelyn Jester, Colee White, Meredith Smith, Parker White, Mia Haynes, Caitlin Jester, Maraina Clark, Ali Romero, and Riley Edmondson

Group 2:  Play at 10:20 and 12:40

Hailey Bender, Stephanie Bly, Jayden Cox, Bayleigh Elliott, Taylor Alston, Holly Harshaw, Molly Peters, Jasmin Webb, Peyton Stiles, Magen Woodard, Trinity Smith, Emily Henry, Kadyn Scott, Jennifer Waddell, Kaylie Nokes and Madison Case

***Reminders:  We will leave at 7:00 A.M.  The girls MUST ride the bus there but can be signed out from the game.  Some snacks will be provided by a few moms.  The girls will wear their Lady Neck clothes that were issued to them.  The girls can not leave before the end of the 12:40 game.  

8th grade teams for Saturday

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Like I told the girls, I just split everyone up evenly for the scrimmage.

Team 1- plays at 8:00 and 9:45

Destiny M, Anna D, Madison G, Lisa P, Emma, Linley, Sierra, Madison R, Casey, Leigha, Addison, Breanne, Kaleigh, Elizabeth M, Natalie, Harley

Team 2- plays at 10:55, 12:05

Reagan, Savannah W, Taylor S, Savannah M, Lexi, Shae, Lauren, Emily, Asia, Madison F, Farrah R, Sara, Shady, Cecilia, Allison, Elizabeth W, Gensis

If I left someone I greatly apologize, just let me know.

Practice is Mandatory after the pep-rally today. If you are not there, you will not go the scrimmage Saturday.

7th grade Elysian Fields Scrimmage Schedule

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7th Grade Scrimmage Schedule

8:35 vs Beckville

10:20 vs. Ore City

11:30 vs. Marshall

12:40 vs. Elysian Fields


We will leave from the gym at 7:00 AM to ensure plenty of time to warm up.  Please bring healthy snacks for in between games.  There will be concessions so please bring money if you want to buy something.

  • Girls will wear the practice clothes we have issued.
  • They MUST ride the bus to the scrimmage but can ride home after the 12:40 game with a parent that has signed them out. 
  • The girls will be split into two groups and play in two games  (They will know these times Friday morning)
  • When not playing the girls need to be watching and cheering for the other team playing.
  • A couple of parents have offered to bring sandwich supplies, fruit, drinks, etc for the girls to eat in between games.



T-Shirt Info & Volunteers Needed!

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The Volleyball T-shirts will be $14 each. You can make the check out to “Global Graphics” or bring cash


8th and 7th Grade Parents:

The High School parents need your help. They work the concession stands for our games, so that you can watch your daughter play! We need some parents to step up and help work the concession stand during HS games, so that those parents can watch their kids play. We have the Shirley Atkins Tournament coming up, and it would be great if you could volunteer. If you able too, please contact Sheri Wayt 903-235-5790

Thank you for your help!! 🙂

EF Schedule Changes (8TH GRADE)

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8th grade info only! (7th grade schedule change info coming soon)

EF added another team to the mix, so the schedule changed a bit.

We will be playing four different games, so I am just going to split the girls into two teams so that they each get to play two games.

We play at 8:00, so we will leave at 6:30 AM

8:00 VS Beckville (Team 1)

9:45 VS Ore City (Team 1)

10:55 VS Marshall (Team 2)

12:05 VS EF (Team 2)

The girls must stay and watch, they cannot leave with a parent until white oak is done playing. If you want to ride home with a friend, I need a note from that parent.

I am asking about concession stands. Bring healthy snacks! 🙂


EF scrimmage info

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7th Grade:

The 7th grade plays at the “Old gym” not 100% sure where that is, but I will keep you posted.

Depending on which team you are on, determines the time you play. We will separate the girls into 3 different teams. ( random)

Team 1 plays at 10:00 AM

Team 2 Plays at 10:45 AM

Team 3 Plays at 11:30 AM

The girls must stay and watch everyone. You can ride home with a parent. Make sure they sign you out.


8th Grade:

8th Grade Will play in the New Gym . We will leave at 7:00 AM. Teams will be decided at the end of the week. We will wear school issued workout clothes, you can wear your own spandex, or school issued shorts.

I will separate you into three teams.

Team 1 will play at 8:30 AM

Team 2 will play at 9:15

Team 3 will play at 12:15 PM

The girls must stay and watch everyone. You can ride home with a parent. Make sure they sign you out.