B Team Players vs. Troup on December 2nd

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Troup only has 1 combined B team, so we will play five 7th graders and five 8th grade players for this game. The following 7th graders will be playing in that game:

  1. Makenna Barnett
  2. Rhi Black
  3. Jaidyn Marshall
  4. Kalyn Hepler
  5. Aley Dixon

The B team game will start at 5:00 pm, so 7th grade A team will play at approximately 5:30 followed by 8th grade A team.

7th grade A team players:

  • Bella Baker
  • Cloe Barton
  • Londyn Bodovsky
  • Kate Dusek
  • Karsyn Edwards
  • Danica Herrera
  • Addison McClanahan
  • Bianca Rosado
  • Layne Simpson
  • Alli Sims

7th Grade A & B Teams

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A Team
Alli Sims
Danica Herrera
Layne Simpson
Cloe Barton
Londyn Bodovsky
Makenna Barnett
Karsyn Edwards
Bella Baker
Bianca Rosado
Addison McClanahan

B Team
Kate Dusek
Aley Dixon
Laney Webb
Rhi Black
Kalyn Hepler
Kenna Stewart
Emily Aguilar
Meredith Anderson
Eliana Johns
Sabreena Gonzales
Chy Logan
Lizzy Still
Olivia Kutch
Emma Richeson
Tessa Pruitt
Addison Yarbrough